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Finding My True North

112 pages of Clarity, Strategy, and Success Journaling

Are you ready to embark on a profound self-discovery journey that goes beyond ordinary journaling? This workbook is a transformative guided process thoughtfully divided into three distinct 30-day sprints, each with a unique focus aimed at helping you rediscover your true self and align your life with your authentic desires.

A thoughtfully structured transformative journey, meticulously split into three separate 30-day phases, each with a distinct purpose of guiding you towards a rediscovery of your genuine self and the alignment of your life with your true aspirations.

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Sprint 1: Rediscovering Your Core Dive deep into understanding the essence of who you are. Through thought-provoking daily prompts and reflective activities, this sprint invites you to peel back the layers and gain a deep, unfiltered insight into your core identity. Explore your values, strengths, and the elements that make you unique.


Sprint 2: Vision & Soul Quest Define your dreams, desires, and the values that guide you. In this phase, you'll explore the depths of your aspirations, creating a clear vision for your future. Discover what truly matters to your soul and develop a roadmap for achieving your goals and desires.


Sprint 3: Aligned Action Uncover ways to bring your newfound understanding into your daily life. This sprint is all about translating your self-discovery into action. The journal guides you in setting tangible, achievable steps to align your daily life with your authentic self, ensuring a more fulfilling, purpose-driven existence.


With daily prompts, reflective activities, and a Self-Accountability Tracker, this workbook is more than just a journal; it's your personal roadmap to self-awareness and empowerment. Over the course of 90 days, you'll gain a deeper, more profound understanding of yourself, ultimately leading to a more authentic, fulfilling life. If you're seeking a transformative self-discovery experience, this journal is your compass on the path to self-realization and personal growth.

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